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The 100 Most Profitable Home Inspection Keywords of 2021

Creating content that drives traffic isn't about doing what you think might work, but rather what you know will work. Use any one of these 100 home inspection keywords to drive traffic to your site in a matter of days.

Keywords are not all Equally Valuable or Profitable

In terms of creating content, or optimizing your web pages, it is of utmost importance that you properly weave the right kinds of keywords into your page in an unobtrusive manner. This is all the more important today as many more companies and businesses utilize the internet for marketing and advertising purposes, as well as communicating with clients and generating leads and potential new clients.

With so many more businesses hiring SEO experts to optimize their sites than ever before, now is the most difficult time there has ever been for creating content or a website that ranks in the Google top 10 and attracts large quantities of visitors, or even smaller quantities of highly conversion-focused traffic to the site.

Here’s the thing; That’s alright! Even if it is more difficult to rank your site in Google and other popular search engines today than ever before, you can still get your posts, pages, videos, podcasts, or any other type of content you want in front of the audience most likely to hire your services, or to engage with your site content and possibly purchase something through your website.

“But Jarrett, I have been trying for months to get my website to rank in the Google top 10, there are so many websites for every term that there’s just too much competition in my industry or niche to be able to break into the first page of two of Googles search results.”

I know it can feel like a lost cause after pouring everything into creating your website and web presence and developing just the right content for the kinds of people you want to attract to your site, and then not get any results for months on end no matter what you try.

I get it, I’ve been there too. I am a Professionally licensed Home Inspector in Washington State with a background in sales and bookkeeping and a classical education in Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy, What the hell did I know about keyword research and latent semantic indexing and click-through rates?!?

Not much to be honest.

But, over the last two years, I have spent almost every waking hour working on my business and developing my web development, graphic design, SEO, small business marketing, and coding skills while working in my home inspection company.

The results are this site which I personally created and improved upon until arriving at the current iteration, which generates over 6k visits per month so far (and quickly climbing) when over 60% of small businesses with a website never see more than 500 visitors in a month – at we are close to hitting that in a single day.

The entire first year I was operating and working on this site, I never saw even close to 5,000 visitors. Yet now, almost two years in, and we are seeing more than 5k visitors every month!

“Well great,” you say, “but how does that help me?”

Well, I am glad you asked my fellow home inspector! This helps you because now you get to benefit from my experience, failures, and successes so that you never have to go through the very long process of making them yourself!

The Single Largest Factor That Improved my Content Strategy the Most

Here it is, the coup de grace, the secret seasoning in the special sauce, the one single strategy that instantly began catapulting the number of visitors we were getting to the site after implementing it:

  • Keyword Research

….. I know, totally speechless, aren’t you….. And here you are sitting there saying to yourself “I really took the time to read this far only to find out the line this guy’s spewing is the same exact thing everyone AND their mothers tell me to do to increase traffic to my site?”

Yes. And no.

Keyword research is necessary in every sense of the word if you want to create content that is going to be found, searched for, and have the possibility of ranking high organically in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Firefox.

Simply performing keyword research and finding keywords that might have a high volume of people who search the term every month, then putting them in your content or articles, is a very ineffective and inefficient means of attempting to create content that will get found and ranked highly.

It is actually a much more delicate and complicated process to find the RIGHT keywords that will allow you to rank more easily in the Google top 10, as well as have a number of searches every month that will drive a large number of impressions to your site if you can get a first-page ranking on Google or any other search engine.

Seeing as how this is not intended to be a long-form piece of content, so explaining the process in depth or at length is out of the purview of this post, what I have done is to do the work for you.

Rather than explaining the process right now, I have included a list of the top 100 most profitable keywords for a home inspector or similar professional to use in 2021!

The 100 Most Profitable Home Inspection Keywords of 2021

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