Best Web Hosting Service Provider for small business

The Best Webhosting Company For Small Businesses In 2021

When your small business is in need of the best web hosting services, Siteground website hosting delivers the best tools, speeds, resource usage, dedicated hosting, and without a doubt in my mind, absolutely the best customer service I have ever experienced in a web hosting company!

Siteground Is The Best Web Hosting for Small Business in 2021

When your small business is in need of the best web hosting services, Siteground website hosting delivers the best tools, speeds, resource usage, dedicated hosting, and without a doubt in my mind, absolutely the best customer service I have ever experienced in a web hosting company!

Read on to learn why Siteground is the only website and domain hosting service I will ever use to host any website, and why they should be your first choice as well!

Finally, A Website Hosting Service Company That Cares

When it comes to creating and building a website or a web presence for your small business or local company that will  help increase your visibility as well as opportunities to progress, no other web hosting service has had the level of customer service that Siteground has since I switched from Hostgator more than a year ago ( I was with Bluehost web hosting for the two years prior to that as well!)

“Building and managing a website can be very difficult, but with Siteground’s exemplary customer service, anyone can build a great, responsive website for their small business!”

Jarrett Ferris, President SPS Inspections

The one feature that initially sold me on converting to Siteground’s “Grow Big” website hosting plan, was the Siteground staging tool! If you have any experience with web design, you know that one wrong move can wreck the whole site, and if you’re not properly backed up, you might just lose it all!

The staging tool solves this problem by creating a secondary copy of your site which you can work on without making permanent changes to the live site! Once you are satisfied with how your staging site looks and performs, you can use the staging tool to “push” your site live, which is to say, make the staging copy the live site to utilize the changes and updates you have made!

Though SiteGround does not offer unlimited bandwidth, their “GoGeek” hosting plan does offer unmetered bandwidth for site traffic, as well as unlimited websites, free email accounts, 30GB of web storage space, free domain registration, unlimited MySQL databases, and free transfer of your site from a different host.

Not only are you provided with all of these options when you choose the GoGeek plan with SiteGround, but they also provide PCI-compliant, semi-dedicated servers that are E-commerce ready and a free SSL certificate! It just doesn’t get any better than this, and at that price, too!

Oh, and remember the one-click site staging feature I talked about earlier, it is considered one of the best friends web designers and content creators can have access to! Don’t worry about losing precious site data from bad plugin interactions on WordPress, or incompatibilities after an update; use the site staging feature to work out all your site’s kinks before pushing it live with one click!

Finally, A Website Hosting Service Company That Cares

“The GoGeek plan allows more dedicated server resource usage than any other of our shared hosting plans such. This includes more simultaneous connections and processes, more CPU seconds, higher process execution time, and more.”

With Siteground, you have the option of transferring your entire website, as-is, from your previous web hosting service provider with help from their website migration experts or their easy to use WordPress migrator plugin!

Siteground also provides its domain and web hosting clients with your choice of easy to use, full website creation solutions, including but not limited to WordPress, Weebly, and Joomla website builders.

Though the 3 basic hosting account priced plans won’t provide you with unlimited storage on Siteground servers, you have the option of taking advantage of either of their Cloud Hosting services, or a dedicated server option if you have larger needs for server storage.

Siteground’s Web Hosting Essentials for Simple Website Management

Industry’s Best Customer Service

Available 24 hours a day by phone, email, or live chat in real-time during business hours, Siteground’s top tier customer support team provides their customers with excellent customer service on a daily basis.

Unlimited and Reliable Email Accounts

When building a small business, one of the most important elements for visibility and growth is having an email address @yourdomain. With Siteground, create and easily manage as many free email addresses as you want!

Easy To Use Website Builder

Siteground makes website development available for everyone, of any skill level with their use of excellent content management systems and high-performance website builders.

Okay, that’s all well-and-good, but is there really a difference between web hosting companies, and if so, does it really make that big of a difference to my small business which web host I choose to use?

“YES, your choice of web hosting service company can most definitely have a profound impact on the development and growth of your small business online!” – Jarrett Ferris, President SPS Inspections

  • Site Speed is Crucial for Growing Site Traffic, Conversion Rates, and Decreasing Page Bounce Rate.
  • Access to Accurate and Real-Time Analytics can be the Difference Between Success and Failure.
  • The Right Content Management System and CMS Tools Make all the Difference for Small Businesses and Local Service Companies.

What Makes Siteground the Best Web Hosting Company in 2021

Real-Time Server Health Checks

Their unique monitoring system checks the server status every 0.5 sec and not only detects ongoing issues and fixes many of them automatically, but is also able to prevent potential problems.

AI Anti-bot Against Malicious Web Traffic

Their smart AI system blocks between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attempts per day and stops malicious traffic before it reaches our customers’ sites.

Free SSL Certificates For All Of Your Domains

They were one of the first to integrate Let’s Encrypt and issue and renew automatically a free SSL for every site created on our platform. Siteground also gives users the opportunity to add an SSL from their c-panel control panels with a single click.

Access To The Powerful Siteground C-Panel Interface and CMS

Powerful yet easy-to-use interfaces and tools are at your disposal to manage your hosting and sites. Their client-facing software was designed in-house to guarantee an outstanding user experience and efficiency of operations on our platform.

All of Sitegrounds’ tools follow the same style guide to ensure a unified and consistent experience whether you use our Client Area and Site Tools or have installed any of the WordPress plugins we’ve developed for our clients. To learn more about the technologies used to build user-friendly interfaces, check out our WordPress hosting specifically for WordPress sites!”

Why Wait to Purchase Your Siteground Web Hosting Plan

Use the button below to get instant access to the best web hosting, website building, and content management system now!

Don’t continue using web hosting services that aren’t helping you to grow your online presence and supporting you with exceptional customer service and high-quality tools and huge server storage space to improve your presence and visibility online.

Whether it be cloud hosting you need, or simply WordPress hosting, Siteground allows for the creation of hosting accounts with dedicated servers to reduce your CPU usage, increase disk space, and get you killer server response times.

Click the button below to view Siteground’s well-priced plans, available types of hosting, and read a few more of their hosting reviews while you are there. Siteground is the small business web host extraordinaire that will help to catapult your business to online fame and notoriety! But the good kind of notoriety…! Siteground – the best hosting service for small businesses that money can buy!

Trusted by over 2 Million Domains and Clients around the World, Siteground is Hands-Down The Best Web Hosting For Small Business in 2021!

The Best Webhosting Company For Small Businesses In 2021 -

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