what are electrical subpanels article picture of a electrical panel

What is a Sub Electrical Panel and How is it Different from an Electrical Panel

Within the electrical system of a home, many times branch circuits exist in the home wiring where a second breaker panel makes it easier to extend a circuit outward to include say a new set of light fixtures or lighting, or even a new ceiling fan! So what is...

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Home Inspection Cost Calculator Title Graphic

Home Inspection Cost Calculator And Pricing Information

How much does a home inspection cost? Are you looking for information about what is the average home inspection fee? Look no further, because this home inspection cost calculator will tell you all you need to know to understand residential home inspection costs!

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sps inspections complete guide to moisture intrusion in the home

The Complete Guide to Moisture Intrusion in the Home

What is moisture intrusion? Why does your house leak? What are the mechanisms of water intrusion through the external building envelope and what? Read on to learn about moisture intrusion solutions, water damage, and what that means for you as a homeowner!

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