From the roof to the foundation, and everything in between, SPS Inspections provides comprehensive inspection services and easy to read home inspection reports to:

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  • real estate agents,
  • homeowners,
  • insurance agents,
  • mortgage brokers, and
  • anyone purchasing a home,
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Please view the sections below for an idea and a greater understanding of what exactly is inspected when home inspectors from SPS Inspections inspect a house and help you turn it into a home….. Hire SPS Inspections today for peace of mind in your home inspection services.


Roof Covering Materials: Asphalt Shingles, Tile (concrete and clay), Metal, Roll Roofing, Fiber Cement, Slate – Gutter Condition – Gutter Material – Downspouts – Vents – Flashing – Skylights – Chimney – Other Roof Penetrations – Roof Structure – Decking – Underlayment – Fastening – Active Leaks


Siding – Doors – Windows – Railings – Stairs – Porches – Landings – Floors – Walls – Ceilings – Garage Doors – Property Grading – Flashing – Trim – Eaves – Soffits – Fascia – Walkways and Driveways – Vegetation and Surface Drainage – Balconies


Foundation Type: Basement, Crawlspace, Slab, or Some Combination of – Structural Components – Location of Crawlspace Access Hatch (if there is a crawlspace present) – Water Penetration – Differential Settlement

Home Inspector Jarrett Ferris gets ready to provide home inspection services in a home's attic wearing goggles, a face mask, gloves, and a Mike Holmes home inspectors work vest


Method of Heating – Heating System Equipment – Location of the Thermostat – Accessibility and Operation – Energy Source – Venting Connections – Cooling Method – Cooling System Equipment


Service Drop – Service-Entrance Conductors – Electric Meter and Base – Main Service Disconnect – Grounding and Bonding – Electrical Panelboards: Main Panel and Sub Panel – Circuit Breakers or Fuses – Receptacles – Switches – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Water Supply Type: Public or Private – Location of Main Water Shutoff Valve – Location of Main Fuel Shutoff Valve – Water Heating Equipment: Energy Source, Venting Connections, TPR Valve, Seismic Bracing, Watts 210 Valve – Faucets – Fixtures – Toilets – Sinks, Tubs, and Drains – Drain Waste and Vent System – AND MORE!

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Blue home with white accents and trim at twilight with a beautifully landscaped yard

Residential Home Inspection Services

Communicating effectively with our clients and understanding their position within the real estate transaction as well as their needs as a future homeowner, allows our home inspectors to provide customized inspections and reports tailored to exactly what you need to know as a home buyer.

Water damaged wall inside a home with visible biological growth, possibly mold growth present

Mold Testing and Inspection Services

If you believe your home may contain mold and/or are worried about a specific area in your home, give yourself some peace of mind and hire SPS Inspections to collect a sample or samples of the affected areas of the house.

White and yellow lead hazard caution sign hanging on a fence around a hazardous property

Environmental Hazard Testing And Inspection Services

If you are concerned lead may be present in the paint of your home, or worried asbestos-containing materials were used to build your home, or if you think your water could be contaminated, we are here to help. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you believe you or your family to be at risk of exposure to one of these environmental hazards.

Architects drawings for manufactured home laying on table with yellow safety helmet and ruler

Manufactured Home Foundation Certification

For anyone refinancing a manufactured home or taking out any kind of funding, VA loans, or FHA loans for example, for a manufactured home, you will need to have a site inspection for professional engineering certifications of the permanent foundation systems to ensure the foundation meets FHA guidelines and building code.

beautiful home interior fading out to the house's structure and exterior to represent New Construction phase inspection services

New Construction And 3-Phase Construction Inspections

In terms of value to the client, the cost of a new construction home inspection pales in comparison to that feeling of dread when you start finding problems with your new home after you move in after not having it inspected. New Construction homes are just as likely to have deficiencies as other homes that were built at some time in the past.

Inspector preparing their drone to perform aerial inspection services wearing orange safety vest

Drone Inspection and Aerial Photography Services

Get full 360-degree views from above your house and property with SPS Inspections! Having certified and become licensed to provide commercial drone services by the FAA, Jarrett Ferris of SPS Inspections provides the option of including high-quality drone captured photo and video to enhance your home inspection report, or satisfy your aerial photography needs!