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The Best Fundamentals Of Home Inspector Training Exposed

If you want to make the big bucks as a successful real estate inspector, you need to get proper home inspection training. With the right home inspection training and home inspection courses at the best home inspection school, dominating your local real estate market will come second nature to you!

Home Inspector Requirements, the Best Online Home Inspection Training Washington State, Wa State Home Inspection Certification, Licensing, and More

Like any discipline, home inspecting is learned from time as well as training, experience, and a great mentor. A great deal of research, study, and home inspection training courses online provide programs developed to assist you with how to go about obtaining your home inspection license.

Making a career for yourself in the real estate industry is a great idea, just as long as you realize what you are actually getting into. People are continually seeking the services of a competent home inspector to help them determine the condition of the structure of the house they are attempting to purchase or sell.

What are the requirements for a Home Inspector License

For a home inspection candidate who has met all of the home inspection classroom training required in your state ( 120 hours of classroom training if you intend to become licensed in Washington State) by taking all of their home inspection classes and completed their field training expected by the Washington State Department of Licensing, Sitting for the state home inspector exam is now a possibility.

If you only completed an online home inspection course, or maybe you already have your inspection certification from NACHI or another home inspection certification organization, sitting for your state’s National home inspector exam may prove too difficult. Good, in-person experience of live courses and classroom education in home inspecting will be of great help when trying to pass your exams and completing your licensing requirements to become a Washington home inspector.

For a licensed and certified home inspector, inspection work is not merely limited to checking only residences but can expand into other endeavors such as teaching inspection based material to real estate agents and agencies, partnering with engineers to provide more in-depth structural analyses and evaluation, and so much more if only you look.

As a home inspector, job security is something you need to take seriously along with where your money is coming in from. As home inspecting is within the real estate industry, it tends to be quite cyclical by nature, and if you are not careful, you can find yourself in a pretty tight spot without even realizing it.

Training as a Home Inspector is More Than Just Evaluating Home Systems

I have even gotten really into web development by setting up the company website and handling all of our marketing and advertising campaigns and programs as well! You never know where your path might lead, but if starting a home inspection business is the direction you want to head, you are going to want to become very comfortable with small business marketing! Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to effectively grow your business.

The term building inspector is typically interchangeable with home inspector, but at times people view the term building inspector as more of a commercial property oriented inspector rather than a residential home inspector. This could also be in reference to a building code inspector which is different from a home inspector.

Due to his/her home inspection training, as well as a history in building and construction, a professionally certified home inspector might also branch out their services to consist of checking commercial properties as well as many other types of opportunities available to licensed and certified home inspectors; including but not limited to apartment inspections, condominium inspections, townhome inspections, commercial/industrial business/ building inspections, code inspections, lead testing services, radon testing services, mold testing services, and so much more!

These days, there are hoards of people who are always moving or relocating. It’s actually a fad as old as time itself. And also as a result of that, people are continually getting brand-new homes situated in the new area they have relocated to.

Now, for a professional home inspector, you should understand what this implies. It suggests that at least for the time being, home inspectors have plenty of work to do for those customers/clients preparing to purchase or sell a house. The issue will then become not one of “if” you will get enough work to survive, but rather a question of can you adequately finish your home inspection report writing in a timely manner to take on more work?

  • Home Inspection Basics
  • Structures and Foundations
  • Interiors
  • Insulation
  • Exteriors
  • Roofs
  • Plumbing
  • Attics
  • Electric
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • HVAC

The wonderful thing concerning becoming a home inspector is that many of the training courses can be provided online, which implies the program may provide you with greater flexibility than many other home inspection training education or exam prep classes.

The Best Fundamentals Of Home Inspector Training Exposed -

Whether you believe the home inspection training itself to be easy or not, when it comes to taking the Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Exam, it is TOUGH! If you are planning on becoming and working as a home inspector, make sure you do NOT take that exam lightly… Especially seeing as how the rules changed post-2018 to require a 30 day wait period before attempting the home inspection licensing exam again if you did not pass the first time…!

Many of these online courses only last a few months or so, but there are many states which require you to actually receive your home inspection training in-person in a classroom setting.

Because the job of the home inspector is not only to assess any possible and observable issues of the exterior frameworks of a home but to also inspect the interior systems as well, it is important to follow structured standards of practice. It is up to the individual inspector whether or not they wish to perform their services while following along an inspection checklist. It is at least recommended to do so while you are getting your bearings after first having started your home inspection business and for your first many home inspections.

Following a proper and quality home inspection checklist, can help keep you from making mistakes or missing things you really shouldn’t have. Having that inspection checklist there also helps to give some inspectors the confidence they need to accurately perform their duties!

Becoming a home inspector can get quite technical, for this reason, the research material presented to new inspector candidates tends to go well above the scope of a typical home inspection for the purposes of better educating the potential inspector of what they are as well as what they are not.

Passing the National Home Inspectors Exam

As mentioned in this article, passing the necessary tests to become a home inspector is no easy task. Because the exams can tend to run on the more difficult side, I suggest to anyone who is training as a home inspector to use a really good study guide.

Carson Dunlop does a phenomenal job in their home inspection training study guides, and I highly suggest looking into them if you want to stand a good chance of passing on your first attempt.

Getting Started With Your New Home Inspector Training

Individuals are always looking for the best home inspector to assist them in determining the problem of the building or the home they are trying to buy or sell. A capable home inspector who is trained with the best home inspection training methods for performing his/her tasks is not limited to inspecting only homes. In real estate, inspector training and the extents of it can heavily differentiate the skills, abilities, and practical application of learned home inspection knowledge between different inspectors.

If you want to be the best home inspector in your locality with prospects of a high average salary, then you are going to need the best home inspection training you can find. As mentioned in this article, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, I highly suggest getting in touch with SGA Inspection School in the Lacey/ Olympia area, and chatting with Steve or Trevor about when their next home inspector licensing course starts and what their course offers to new home inspection training candidates!

The fantastic thing regarding many of the programs these days for how to become a home inspector is that they are offered online, which suggests, of course, that better convenience is afforded you. If you desire to learn how to become a home inspector, it is crucial that you first comprehend what exactly a home inspection is, and why home inspections are so important.

It is first vital you feel comfortable doing an inspection, as well as operating a business before taking on any clients. Many times, when all the home inspection training you have had is from online home inspector courses, it can be difficult to build enough confidence to begin inspecting homes on your own.

Joining professional organizations is one great way concerning learning about being a home inspector and also getting some suggestions on effective, affordable, and knowledgeable home inspection training programs.

If you want to learn how to get your home inspector training, it is essential that you initially understand that a home inspection is, first and foremost, a general, non-exhaustive assessment of the observable systems and components of a building. A home inspector, in definition, is not a specialist, but rather a generalist in the most exquisite sense of the word.

When it comes to the physical home inspection process, following a complete standard of practice is absolutely necessary for your inspector to evaluate the property fully in their report writing for your inspection.

Joining professional associations in the home inspection industry is one excellent way regarding finding more information and also obtaining some ideas on how and where to get training to become a licensed house inspector. It is also important to mention that just like other real estate industry professions, home inspectors must complete a certain number of hours of continued education every two years to maintain state licensing requirements.

After you’ve discovered all that you require to learn on the business side of how to become a house inspector, it is time for you to find out for yourself if you are really willing and able to start a new chapter in your life, in a growing and prosperous career field.

What are some of the Best Home Inspector Training Schools

If you would like to learn more about how to become a home inspector who is licensed and certified to provide home inspection services, and to see if you live in a state which requires licensing of home inspectors, check out the following link for InterNACHI, the world’s largest home inspection governing body and certifying organization who not only provides some of the best online home inspection training, but also has one of the best home inspector training schools which is located in Colorado!

Also, if you live in or around the Olympia Washington area and are interested in learning how to become a home inspector, visit SGA Inspections for information on home inspection training from one of the best classroom Inspection Educations and home inspection schools in Western Washington!

Starting a new career as a home inspector is a big decision. Choosing where to get your training is just as important!

You need proven professional training, tools, technology, business education and ongoing instructor support to set you up for success. While lots of companies claim to be the best, AHIT truly does stand out from the rest!

Since 1993, we’ve been providing industry-leading home inspection training, certifications, continuing education, and professional development courses. Our live classroom training includes valuable hands-on field training and our online course options offer flexibility for your schedule.

Each course is taught by successful home inspection entrepreneurs, provides in-depth training to help you establish and market your home inspection business, and comes with AHIT Success Essentials – all the tools, training, and support you need to succeed.

About American Home Inspector’s Training

AHIT, or American Home Inspectors Training Institute, carries both InterNACHI as well as ASHI (the American Society of Home Inspectors! Cover your bases and contact AHIT today to learn more about your State’s Home Inspector training requirements today!

One item we have not discussed yet is the average home inspector salary, but to learn more information on, or to learn more about home inspector salary, or how much home inspectors make each year, I wrote another article here that can help you out and give you the national averages.

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