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Methamphetamine Testing And Inspection Services -

What you should know about methamphetamine testing and inspection in Washington State

Methamphetamine is often made in clandestine labs (understood as clan labs or meth laboratories). Clandestine laboratories can be developed inside industrial buildings, factories, sheds, and domestic residences.

The health risks related to methamphetamine production are greatest for children who live in these environments compared to grownups. The most frequently reported symptoms of methamphetamine exposure to consist of headache, nausea/ throwing up, breathing difficulty, and eye irritation.

While residue arising from methamphetamine manufacturing is considered to be connected with health dangers, the level of methamphetamine residue that is considered dangerous varies worldwide.

A safe level is identified by reference value,’ representing a volumetric amount of a substance that can be present without posing any health risk. In Washington, that quantity is 1.5 micrograms per 100 square cm of surface tested. As for in the majority of the United States, that standard is .5 micrograms

Methamphetamine Testing And Inspection Services -

How much will it cost

At SPS Inspections, the cost of Methamphetamine Testing Services starts at $200 and goes up from there depending on the needs of the client. This pays for the collection of 1 sample taken from the home by one of our certified home inspectors, analysis, and reporting of the findings of the meth test.

Extra tests are available for $100 per extra test

Methamphetamine Testing And Inspection Services -

How long does methamphetamine testing take

Once the suspected meth samples have been collected from your home by one of our experienced inspectors, they are tested immediately on-site at the home, and the results are ready for you within 30 minutes of beginning the test! This means no turnaround times and you get your meth testing results the same day!

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