Solid wood cabinet doors samples in several different colors and shades

Stylish, Solid Wood Cabinet Doors Spice Up Any Kitchen

If you want to spice up the look in your kitchen, then you should consider getting new kitchen cabinet doors for your home. This article explores the different doors that you can choose from, comparing prices and styles. It also explains why wood doors are the ideal option for any kitchen.

Replacing Cabinet Doors: The Smart and Stylish Home Improvement Project

If you want to spice up the look in your kitchen, then you should consider getting new kitchen cabinet door and drawer fronts for your home. This article explores the different doors that you can choose from, comparing prices and styles. It also explains why wood doors are the ideal option for any kitchen and include a couple of helpful tips and tricks.

How To: DIY Modern Kitchen Cabinet Remodel | Update Cabinets on a Budget

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinets VS Just The Doors

Refacing semi-custom or custom kitchen cabinets are typically 30-50% cheaper than replacing them, perfect for someone on a small budget. Replacing an entire kitchen’s worth of cabinets is both a major renovation that comes with a major price tag.

To get a better idea of the price of replacement, we can note that the average cost of materials and installation of semi-custom or stock styles range from $3,000 to $9,000, with custom versions ranging from $12,000 to $18,000.

You will need to measure the exact dimensions before you can estimate the full cost. And if you are someone who loves DIY, you’re still faced with the hefty shipping charge if there is no free shipping.

On the contrary, replacing only the cabinet doors is both a fraction of the cost and environmentally friendly. On average, it costs $6,500 to replace just the cabinet doors, which range from $800 to $8,000. The amount of cost savings between the two makes for the obvious choice! Spicing up your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank.

What and Where to Buy

While there are many different choices for refacing cabinets, solid wood is the ultimate contender. Veneered wood, similar to laminate, is comparable in price; however, it is incredibly flimsy and short-lasting.

Plastic laminate cabinet doors are similar in price to veneer but come in a limited number of styles, which tend to crack and chip as time goes on.

The third option, rigid thermofoil door laminate, is durable but heat sensitive. The corners are also known to chip over time. Kitchen cabinet doors made of solid wood are astounding in comparison. Not only do they carry a warm, expensive look, but they are very durable, resulting in the look of a high-quality cabinet door.

Furthermore, wooden veneers can be applied to the outside of the cabinets to match the finished product’s doors. 

There are a wide variety of styles that one can choose from, too. You don’t need to choose the first cabinet door manufacturer advertised! Just going to Home Depot and looking around could be the first step in this process. They usually offer deals for your first order and are flexible with the business days with shipping.

The Door Stop is another online retailer specializing in a variety of cabinet door styles (and other doors) to purchase.

Weighing All the Options

The variety of cabinet door styles to choose from is almost overwhelming. There are Amish cabinet doors, shaker cabinet doors, flat panel cabinet doors, and custom cabinet door styles.

Of course, these all come in custom sizes, and you can make the cabinet face as personalized as you want. Some families choose to have glass doors, and others have custom doors features (they will need to create custom replacement cabinet doors if needed).

It is usually more challenging to make full overlay cabinets, but it is still achievable if your dream is to have them.

After deciding what type of material and style to use, it is time to begin your custom-made doors journey. Whether you start with quality unfinished wood cabinet doors or not, you must always remove the old cabinet doors when changing them. There are many resources on how to do this online, primarily via YouTube videos.

Regardless of if they are tall cabinets or short cabinets, they will need to have the doors removed with as little damage done to the base cabinet as possible. It is simple to add a coat of paint to the top and bottom cabinets to match the kitchen design, but large gauges in the wood are much more difficult to fix.

If you are not careful when removing the cabinet doors, you could compromise the cabinets’ quality if they become damaged or destroyed in any way. You want the cabinets to be in as close to perfect condition as possible when you are ready to install the new cabinet doors, and ensure you order a couple of extra replacement doors in case anything goes wrong.

Other Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Tips and Tricks

Of course, your kitchen’s new aesthetic will look beautiful, especially if you use high-quality solid wood cabinet doors primed, raised panel cabinet doors, inset doors, or recessed panel-styled cabinets.

Now you may be wondering how to make the drawer fronts match the cabinet faces. If you use solid wood cabinets, purchase matching wooden veneer to apply to the drawer fronts.

You can redo the drawer boxes in the same manner.

Although much of the commercially available veneer is not of the highest quality, it will work well for small projects such as drawer boxes, cabinet door and drawer fronts, or even for an open shelving cabinet box.

Adding that special finishing touch when remodeling your kitchen cabinets can give the entire kitchen a tremendous aesthetic and appeal. The only regret you will have is not refinishing your kitchen sooner with those wonderful-looking painted cabinet doors!

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