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A home can be a haven from the everyday anxieties of life, but maintaining a safe and comforting home takes a fair level of work. Homeowners need to keep the physical framework of their home stable by checking home heating systems, carbon monoxide levels, smoke detectors, and the like. Poorly maintained fireplaces, heating systems, and chimneys/ chimney flues can release harmful carbon monoxide gasses into a residence.

Mold, Mildew, and the Effects of Indoor Air Quality

Inspecting the home for Biological pollutants
If your home tends to run abnormally humid, if there is a pungent musty odor in the home, or if there has been a past leak or flood in the home, chances are a mold colony has developed somewhere. If no mold is visible, mold testing can help. Get the mold facts you need to stay safe and informed.