When a new home is built, there tend to be lots of different people working to build and complete the different sections, systems, frameworks, and otherwise. Whenever you get that many people working to accomplish a common project, it is not uncommon for things to be left out or “modified” last minute because something didn’t fit together EXACTLY as the blueprints said. Not to mention, with so many moving parts, it is easy to pass over an unfinished section for whatever reason, with the intent to come back and finish it, only never to do so.


Enjoy these photos of beautiful new construction homes who’s outward appearance worked to hide the inner defects from your eyes!

things to remember and beware of with new construction homes
new construction inspection performed by SPS Inspections on this Central Washington home
New construction homes still come with their own sets of problems and issues
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Beautiful Gray with white trim New construction home inspected by SPS Inspections


I can confidently say without a doubt that 99.9% of new home construction will have some kind of a problem, or something wrong with it, or a code that was forgotten about during the build, or some damage to a system that passed under the nose of the contractor, etc. Whether these issues constitute a safety risk for the residents in the home is a different story, but even still when you shell out the extra cash to buy new construction; you want that house to be as perfect and as “out-of-the-box” brand new as your perception of it. When you hire SPS Inspections to inspect your new home construction, we accomplish this in three phases throughout the build. This means that your new home construction will be inspected three times while it is being built; Once after the foundation has gone up, once more after the structure has been completed and the system rough-ins have been finished, and then finally the third inspection once the home is complete.

  • New Construction homes are just as likely to have deficiencies as other homes
  • Make good use of your home warranty and have the home re-inspected 11 months after purchase before the one year mark
  • If not found during the phase-one inspection, defects and deficiencies in the structure and framing of the home will tend to go largely unnoticed until they cause a problem for the residents in the future
  • In terms of value to the client, the cost of a new construction home inspection pales in comparison to that feeling of dread when you start finding problems with your new home after you move in after not having it inspected.


As is typical with new construction homes, you will have a full home warranty period of one year, provided by the builders of the home. This can be wonderfully helpful, but only if you make use of it, because once that 365th day passes you could move heaven and hell and still never get a chance at having any defects repaired by the builder. This is why at SPS Inspections we offer an 11th Month Warranty Inspection where we will come in 11 months from the time of purchase of the home and inspect for any major system deficiencies, defects, or problems of any sort. The warranty inspection tends to go a little faster than your typical residential inspection and costs a little less as well, as it is the function of the home’s main systems that are assessed rather than focusing on issues that are simply cosmetic.