SPS Inspections Home Inspection Standards of Practice

Home Inspection Standards of Practice

Here you will find an online, read-only version of the Standards of Practice for SPS Inspections, Olympia's premier home inspection company, offering the most value in a home inspection this side of the Deschutes!

An Introduction To Our Home Inspection Standards Of Practice

Home Inspection is not the most highly regulated industry. It is only really even within the past 15 to 20 years that home inspection has begun emerging at the forefront of the real estate industry! Before this, it was somewhat uncommon to expect a home inspection to accompany every home sale. Mainly, home inspections were something ordered when a home buyer maybe was uncomfortable with the condition of the property and wanted to know more, or if the transaction involved the government or banks as a party to the real estate transaction.

With how much progress has been made, and knowledge we have gained over these past 20 years, especially regarding the construction of and maintenance of new houses, many changes have been made and continue to be made constantly as residential house inspections are an ever-evolving and changing field just like any other.

With these changes to the way we build and construct houses, as well as the knowledge necessary to understand the possibly dangerous situations that can arise within a home if not maintained properly. This is why it is suggested that every homeowner has their home inspected every 1 to 2 years. Unfortunately, being as unregulated as home inspections are, and newly prevalent in the real estate industry as well, there are still not many highly visible sources of information for the public to learn about the importance of home inspections.

This is something that I, Jarrett Ferris, through SPS Inspections, it’s various affiliations and connections which are continually being made, and its ever-growing influence and capability, intend to change about the home inspection industry, as well as the real estate industry as a whole.

It is my goal that as time goes on, we can all help to create a home inspection industry that is for the betterment of the community/communities it is a part of. Not only this, but the beneficial, and at times life-saving*, knowledge about the care and maintenance of a housing structure and it’s systems that we have. As home inspectors, we need to share this knowledge more widely with everyone. If we can get the public eye on home inspecting and all the benefits it can bring to a real estate transaction, as well as to a homeowners life in general, I believe the home inspection industry has much more room for growth, as well as so much more to give to the people of the community!

So without further ado, let’s move on to SPS Inspections’ STANDARDS of PRACTICE! The essential regulations which dictate the minimum amount of service any one client will receive from SPS Inspections during a full comprehensive residential home inspection.

Our Standards Of Practice

When it comes to what a home inspection is and what is legally required of said inspection, each state sets its own rules and regulations. Meaning what is correct in Oklahoma might not be correct in Washington. Therefore, it is mostly up to the inspectors themselves to regulate the way they perform inspection services.

Worldwide, there are several organizations that handle the regulation, training, and certification of home inspectors across the globe. Nationally, to name a few, there is ASHI, NAHI, and the organization that Jarrett Ferris and any of SPS Inspection’s home inspectors are members of and professionally certified through; InterNACHI, or the Inter-National Home Inspection Organization. Check out our article on what it means to be InterNACHI Certified and how we can make you feel more comfortable hiring us because of it!

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