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Thermal Imaging Services -

What you should know about thermal imaging

Discover areas of energy loss in your home. With thermal imaging, it is possible to visualize energy losses within your home. Find missing, compacted, or defective insulation in the walls, source air leaks, and detect thermal bridges that could be detracting from the comfort, condition, and function of your home.

Locate moisture intrusion otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging can assist in the early detection of leaks in your home and allow for correction of the problem before it becomes more serious and costly to fix. With a thermal camera, finding moisture intrusion that is otherwise unobservable without the use of thermal imaging becomes possible, even easy.

Easily identify dangerous electrical defects in your home. With the use of thermal imaging and a thermal imaging camera, it can be a simple process to locate areas within the electrical system that might pose an immediate threat to life or property if not corrected.

What Thermal Imaging is NOT:

  • Thermal Imaging is NOT X-Ray vision; it does not allow us to see through anything
  • Thermal Imaging is NOT all powerful – without proper training and analysis, it is easy to make mistakes
  • Thermal Imaging is NOT a determination in and of itself – use of a moisture meter to determine present conditions is needed

Thermal Imaging Services -

How much will it cost

At SPS Inspections, the cost of Thermal Imaging Services starts at $150 per hour and goes up from there depending on the needs of the client. This pays for the capture and analysis of findings for the thermal images taken from the home by one of our certified home inspectors. A digital report is available for standalone thermal image services starting at $49.

Thermal imaging is included in all comprehensive, full home inspections with SPS Inspections.

Thermal Imaging Services -

How long does thermal imaging take

Thermal imaging captures are taken and analyzed along with the rest of the information from a full home inspection, and the analysis is provided to you along with the home inspection report.

Standalone thermal imaging services turnaround times will vary depending on the scope and nature of work being completed. Please contact us today for further information regarding standalone thermal imaging services!

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