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Water Quality Testing And Inspection Services -

What you should know about water quality in your home

In Washington State, any home whose water is provided by a private well is required to undergo a private well inspection, which includes testing the quality of the water for different minerals and bacterias such as e. Coli bacteria, nitrates and nitrites, levels of copper, iron, and lead, the water’s pH level, hardness, alkalinity, clarity, and more!

Drinking water that is not properly treated or that travels through an improperly maintained distribution system (pipes) may also create conditions that increase the risk of contamination.

Get highly reliable lab results that a water quality test kit from Home Depot could never provide!

  • Water quality testing is required by the VA and FHA for several reasons when buying a home
  • The worst water quality result you could get would be positive for e.coli

Even though U.S. tap water supplies are considered to be among the safest in the world, water contamination can still occur. There are many possible sources of contamination, including:

  • Sewage releases
  • Naturally occurring chemicals and minerals (for example, arsenic, radon, uranium)
  • Local land-use practices (for example, fertilizers, pesticides, livestock, concentrated feeding operations)
  • Manufacturing processes (for example, heavy metals, cyanide)
  • Malfunctioning on-site wastewater treatment systems (for example, septic systems)

Water Quality Testing And Inspection Services -

How much will it cost

At SPS Inspections, the cost of Water Quality Testing Services starts at $450 and goes up from there depending on the needs of the client. This pays for shipping costs to get your water samples to an accredited lab, and the water sample testing and results for the samples taken from the home by one of our certified home inspectors.

Water Quality Testing And Inspection Services -

How long does water quality testing take

Once the water samples have been collected from your home by one of our experienced inspectors, they are shipped directly to the lab’s testing facilities where they will be cultivated for at least 72 hours before results are conclusive. The lab we use is open from Monday through Friday so water samples are not processed over the weekends. This being said, the turnaround time for water quality testing services averages 4 to 5 business days.

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